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About Your Dentist

About Your Dentist

Bharat Kundnani, DDS, FAGD

Your dentist is a member of the doctor mastery program

Dr. Kundnani, DDS, FAGD is an esteemed member of the Doctor Mastery Program. The five-year program consists of clinical training conducted by world renowned clinicians, from building on foundational skills and advancing to mastery of the most complex dental care.

"Everyone deserves to have a healthy smile."

My Mission

"It is my goal to provide each and every one of my patients with the exact dental services that they need to have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime."


College of Dental Medicine, Columbia University – New York City, NY (Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program)

Professional Memberships

Dr. Kundnani is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry.